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PEIKO® Quickleash™ Dogharness With Built-in Retractable Dog Leash
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Be the coolest hooman

with the new PEIKO® QuickLeash™ retractable dog leash in all harnesses and collars With 3-YEAR WARRANTY!

Words From customers

Unfortunately dogs can’t write reviews yet, until it happens, you might want to read some hooman thoughts on PEIKO® products

It's super useful

We use both the collar and the harness, it's super useful. Bamboo is not bothered at all when wearing it constantly, it's comfortable for him. Finally, we don't have to carry the leash over the shoulder, if a stranger dog approaches, it is enough to grab our PEIKO.

Bamboo & Duke

Verified customer

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Genius idea

The built-in retractable leash is a genius idea, and it provides the perfect balance of comfort and control. Now, I no longer have to fumble with traditional leashes or worry about carrying them around.

Sparkie & Marinko from Austria

Verified customer

I feel stylish and unique

With the PEIKO products, I feel stylish and unique, and I love that no one can tell me to leash my dog :D If necessary, I'll hold him briefly, but not longer, because Omis is very well-behaved.

Verified customer

QuickLeash is exactly what I want!

I'm a big fan of innovation. This one is not paramotor related, although invented by my paramotor friend Csaba Müllner. I go running with my dog regularly and I leave it unleashed. Yet now and then I need to hold the dog and the QuickLeash is exactly what I want! No more annoying leash hanging around my neck or bouncing in my pocket while running. Let the dog carry it's own leash! Brilliant. Such a simple hack. Great job.

Miroslav Svec owner of SCOUT paramotors

Verified customer

It works perfectly

I am very satisfied with the product. It's quite durable, comfortable for both the dog and the owner. We mainly use it for walks in the park, and it works perfectly.

Crumbs & Viki

Verified customer

It saved us once already

It is a great concept and product. It saved us once already with a ranger where the dogs were running free but we had the leash on lol

Christine & The Vizslas from USA

Verified customer