PEIKO® Quickleash™ Dogharness With Built-in Retractable Dog Leash
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Betti took a trip to the mountains with Luna

As Betti and Luna set out on their autumn trip to the mountains, they were both filled with excitement. Betti, a triathlete and avid runner, was looking forward to exploring the scenic trails and to test again her endurance, while Luna, her faithful companion, was eager to run, hike, and explore the great outdoors.

PEIKO® Quickleash™ Dogharness With Built-in Retractable Dog Leash
The day started
with Betti hopping on her road bike and Luna running alongside

both of them exhilarated by the crisp mountain air and breathtaking views. Betti had outfitted Luna with her new PEIKO® harness with QuickLeash™, and the orange color of the harness added a pop of brightness to the stunning landscape.

PEIKO® Quickleash™ Dogharness With Built-in Retractable Dog Leash
As they biked
along the pavement road Betti and Luna were in perfect harmony

both taking in the beauty of their surroundings and getting a great workout. Betti was impressed by how easily Luna kept pace with her, never lagging behind or getting too far ahead. She was also grateful for the QuickLeash™, which made it a breeze to control Luna's movements without having to worry about the leash getting tangled or snagged.

PEIKO® Quickleash™ Dogharness With Built-in Retractable Dog Leash
After a few hours of biking
Betti and Luna arrived at the trailhead and transitioned to a more challenging activity

A hike through the woods. Betti was excited to see how Luna would handle the rough terrain and uncertain footing, but she need not have worried. With the PEIKO® harness and QuickLeash™, Luna was able to navigate the rocky trail and steep inclines with ease, and Betti was able to keep her in check without any difficulty, when it was necessary

Mountains with great view and a lake
As they hiked
Betti and Luna encountered breathtaking vistas

crystal-clear streams, and also a few wild animals: a deer, a squirrel and many birds. Luna was fascinated by all of it, and Betti was thrilled to be able to share these experiences with her furry companion.

Mountains with great view
The hours passed quickly
as Betti and Luna explored the mountain, and before they knew it, it was time to head back

As they made their way back to the trailhead, Betti was struck by how grateful she was for the PEIKO® harness and QuickLeash™. It had made the trip smoother, more enjoyable, and much safer for both her and Luna.

Border collie wearing an orange PEIKO® QuickLeash™  harness in the mountains
On the way back to their bike
Betti and Luna were both exhausted but exhilarated by their adventure

They had explored new trails, tested their limits, and made memories that would last a lifetime. And they both knew that they would be back, ready to conquer the next challenge, of course with their PEIKO® gear.

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A new dimension in dog walking