PEIKO® Quickleash™ Dogcollar With Built-in Retractable Dog Leash
PEIKO® ambassador dog sledding at the north pole ˙
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David & Poika in the forest

I recently went on a beautiful hike in the mountains with Poika. I wanted to make sure that we were both equipped with the best gear possible, so I used PEIKO®'s new harness with the QuickLeash™ attachment.

Built-in Leash on collar PEIKO® Quickleash™
As soon as we started our hike
I could tell that this collar was a game changer

The ergonomic handle on the QuickLeash™ made it incredibly easy to control Poika

even when he wanted to run and explore on his own. The parachute grade cord was strong enough to give him the freedom he needed, but I always felt like I had control of him if I needed to.

Built-in Leash on collar PEIKO® Quickleash™
The colors were stunning in the mountains
and Poika and I had a great time exploring the new terrain

The collar was comfortable for him to wear and I could tell he was enjoying his adventure just as much as I was. I also appreciated that the QuickLeash™ handle could be easily stored away with the use of magnets when we weren't using it.

PEIKO® QUICKLEASH™ always on your dog.


Watch a short video summary about our hike on a sunny Sunday


PEIKO® QUICKLEASH™ always on your dog.