PEIKO® Quickleash™ Dogharness With Built-in Retractable Dog Leash
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Petra's & Jack's morning skate sesh

Petra and Jack were both excited for their adventure in the city. They had decided to roller skate along the river and were eager to see all the sights and sounds of the bustling metropolis.

PEIKO® Quickleash™ Dogharness With Built-in Retractable Dog Leash
As they skated
Petra noticed that Jack seemed especially happy today

She realized that it was probably because he was wearing the new PEIKO® harness with QuickLeash™. The harness has been designed with special care for dogs and provided a comfortable fit and allowed Jack to move freely and enjoy his surroundings.

Girl roller skating with a tin german shepard wearing a blue PEIKO® QuickLeash™  harness in the city using a blue PEIKO® MultiLeash™
In addition to the harness
Petra also brought along the new PEIKO® MultiLeash™

This is a longer leash that is more comfortable for holding the dog for longer periods of time. It is compact and multipurpose, making it perfect for bringing along on any adventure. The PEIKO® MultiLeash™ could be rolled up and kept in a pocket or bag, or hung on a belt, bike, or anywhere else. It also comes with three carabiners, a bike hanger, a belt hanger, and an elastic rubber for rolling it up or holding a waste bag dispenser when the leash is in use.