PEIKO® Quickleash™ Dogcollar With Built-in Retractable Dog Leash
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Roaming the world with Igor, flying, sailing

Csaba & Igor's hikes in the forests

As a weimaraner, Igor needs a lot of exercise and movement, so we do a lot of walking in the woods, which not only makes him healthier, but me too. In our case a simple dog walk is more of a hike, but as we live next to a forest we are lucky.

PEIKO® Quickleash™ Dogcollar With Built-in Retractable Dog Leash
It is very important for everyone
to get a dog with a temperament that suits their own life and attitude,

otherwise it can cause a lot of problems for both the dog and its owner. I chose the Vizsla because of my need for exercise, my constant wandering and exploring.

Guy with a vizsla in the forest
Our trips are continuous all year round, whatever the weather,

but as every season has its beauties, it is not a burden but a relaxation and a training.

Igor does not chase game, his good nature loves all animals and he can be recalled from any situation, even with a whistle. So because of this he comes freely with me in the woods, running around me three or four times as many times the distance. I always carry the orange collar or harness because it is the most conspicuous and safest and, by the way, an internationally recognised sign by foresters and hunters.

PEIKO® Quickleash™ Dogcollar With Built-in Retractable Dog Leash
It prevents mistaking them for other animals and has been shown

to make those wearing orange seven times less likely to be shot or fired at. But even so, I would not advise straying off a marked hiking trail or letting your dog off at a distance you can no longer control or see them.

Even if they are coming freely past us, keep them close and with PEIKO® we can catch them at any moment if necessary.