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Meet Csaba & Igor

Csaba Müllner
Roaming the world with Igor, flying, sailing
Q & A

How are your dog and hobbies connected to your life?
How are your dog and hobbies connected to your life?

Igor is my companion and my hobby, and I am lucky because my hobby is my job. As the inventor and engineer of PEIKO®, these words are closely linked to me.

In fact it is thanks to him that I have this whole idea, if it wasn't for him I would never have thought of it. The story goes back to a long time ago when I used to run Igor freely, alongside a bicycle and every time I had to catch him for something (another dog, crossing, etc.) it was always awkward and cumbersome. That's when I thought of buying an automatic leash that the dog carries, so I only have to reach down and there's nothing around my neck, so it's more comfortable for me. I went home and started looking for such a product online, but couldn't find one. That's when I decided to create it.

After many years of development and a lot of experimentation, PEIKO® was born. Our goal is to improve and as this product has gone further than usual, so has the development, with many innovative ideas to be implemented.

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How would you describe your relationship with your dog?

I can’t find the right words for our relationship, but we are friends, or more like a family. The pure love and loyalty of a dog is indescribable, and for those who don't have one, I highly recommend becoming a dog owner, because they make us better people. He is never a burden but a part of me, he goes almost everywhere with me and I don't like to go anywhere without him. The connection is such that I don't even need memorized command words, whatever I say and ask him he understands. And I understand him.

PEIKO® Quickleash™ Dogcollar With Built-in Retractable Dog Leash
Why do you like Peiko® products?

PEIKO Products give us what we need - the freedom. They make many situations easier and simpler, and even safer, which is why I felt that if there is no products like these on the market, they should be implemented.